A new WIP

My latest Work in Progress is this blog. Adding it to the tons of WIPs I have laying around my room.
SO many choices to make.  And so much content to create.  I could not find a single blog that hadn't been going on for years. Where do I start?
From the beginning I suppose...

When I started quilting I did not know anything.  Including the names of fabric designers and companies.  I did not know the difference between quality fabric and the not so good stuff.  Although that one didn't take too long to figure out.  But by that time I had a pretty good stash of fabric that caught my eye and quite a bit of the stuff that I bought just because it was on sale and I was excited. The majority of that fabric came from my local Joann Fabrics.  It was the only place in town.  I have since been to retreats and traveled just to go to a quilt store.  I have also moved to a city where the fabric stores are more than I could have ever imagined when I started.  My taste and skill level have grown over the years along with the quality of my supplies.  As it is with most hobbies I suppose. I can't imagine learning to drive a car in a Porche. That being said, unfortunately, I will not be able to give credit to fabric designers for many of the quilts I share.  I apologize for this and hopefully I will now start paying a little more attention.

A recently completed quilt for a family member.

This was one of those quilts that I pulled everything from my stash and it came together better than I had expected.  I ran out of one of the prints and it was still far smaller than I had anticipated (did I mention that I rarely use actual patterns). I placed the little blocks in different ways to try to discover what else I could add to make it larger.  When I put that deep purple sashing between the vertical rows it screamed "I'm done" at me.  This was perfect.  I was so pleased with how well it turned out.

I guess as I continue to write and share I will improve this blog, just as my quilting skills and tastes have grown.


  1. Oh this is so pretty! That purple sashing is perfect! :)

  2. Your quilt is great. Don't apologize. It's your blog, and you get to say and do what YOU like. Happy blogging.

  3. I love this purple and blue quilt. The sashing adds a lot more than just width. :)

  4. I've got a few of those works in process too! And my tastes have definitely changed over the years! Well done, Jen! Did you draw the label? Nice!


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