Runaround Bags

As crafty people, there are always those days where we must make sacrifices and complete projects that are requests from those we love.  Who am I kidding?!  I LOVE getting requests.  :)
And I had two of them this weekend!  Both my mom and my son asked me to work on a few things for them this weekend.  I was more than happy to comply.
My son requested a wall version of a symbol from one of his video games (I will share when I have more of it done.)

A few years ago I was at a retreat and one of the demonstrations was for this super cute Runaround Bag by Lazy Girl Designs.  (No sponsorship, affiliation, etc. in this post.  I am just sharing my story.) I bought the pattern right away and began making gifts.  It was perfect.  So easy to change the look and personalize. My mom requested another of these bags made with breast cancer awareness fabric.  No problem!  There are so many pretty ribbon fabrics out there.

I am keeping that black and grey one for myself.  I wish that I had noted the fabric ages ago when I cut all the selvages off.

I knew I only had pink ribbon flannel in my stash at home, so I had to grab some after work on Friday. However, I did make the mistake of thinking I could go into The Fabric Depot for just that one thing.  I should have known better.  They had just started their summer Outdoor sale.  I do love me a good sale, but I will cover all of that in another post.

The bags match my cutting board!  :)

Note to self: Practice blanket stitch corners.  :)

The bags turned out super cute and came together so quickly.  It is a great way to use up those smaller bits of leftover batting.

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  1. Both of your bags turned out really pretty. Your mom will be so pleased! You gotta love a pattern that makes you want to keep on using again and again.

  2. It's a lovely bag pattern. The black and grey one would be my favourite too,

  3. Two beautiful bags, Jen. Isn't it great when you find a pattern that you want to make over and over. Found you via 'Sew Fresh Quilts'.

  4. These bags are lovely. Like you I love it when people ask me to make things for them!

  5. Cute bags! Great fabrics too. I have learnt when I find a fabric I really really love (that's loads then!) I make a note as soon as I buy it including where I got it from. I used to keep selvages but needed to make room for more fabric :)

  6. Such cute bags! If you ever get tired of the black and grey one feel free to send it in my direction, LOL!

  7. They are both great bags. I love me a good sale as well and there is one coming up at my local quilt shop in just over a week.

  8. Really neat bags. Great color combos.

  9. Those bags are really cool. Love the style and the fabrics you chose.

  10. So fun to have you in the quilting world! love your bags and adorable color choices. And where'd you get that yummy variegated pink and orange thread?

  11. The bags turned out great! I know the recipients will be thrilled! I just recently made pouch called the Becca Bag by the same designer.

  12. Oh my gosh how cute!! A friend made me one - but I didn't know there was a pattern - thanks for sharing.... and um, I request blue! ( ha ha - just kidding!!) great job!

  13. What cute bags! The fabrics were such a great choice Jen!

  14. Super cute bags. Total #CreativeGoodness


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