A Pattern you say?

Yup that's right, I am using a pattern!
If any of you know me at all, you have realized that throughout my quilting life I could count the number of quilt patterns I have used on one hand (not counting bags and things). I always want to make my projects unique.  So, often I just use a block or two, or just get the measurements and then wing it.  Or make up my own patterns. This drives my pattern-following friends crazy!

What led to this change in habit?
I won a book.  :)
I won the Holiday Wishes book by Sherri Falls of This and That Pattern company from The Fat Quarter Shop.  You can get your own HERE. (no affiliate or compensation)

As I was glancing through the book on a 100 degree day, I was not thinking about wintertime holidays.  I was thinking about a icy lemonade by the pool.  Then it hit me.  Why not?  There are no rules to fabric picks.  I decided on the Midnight Clear Block of the Month pattern and switched up the color scheme.

 These are the colors I pulled out with the white as the background fabric. They were so bright and summery, I couldn't wait to get started.

Block 1 cut and ready.

I always seem to have trouble getting those perfect points.  I don't use pins a lot, I just can't get into the flow of it, especially when working with such tiny pieces. I decided I wanted to do really well on these blocks, so I ended up pulling stitches on three of these pieces to make them at least a LITTLE more accurate. Sometimes it is ok to have them off a bit as they aren't that noticeable once the quilt is complete, but this teal on white was really driving me bonkers. Are your points always perfect?  How often do you seam rip to correct them? What is your favorite method to make them perfect?

Then of course there are all of the little triangle cut off pieces.  I hate really dislike wasting any bit of fabric. And even these teeny little triangle call to me to make something from them. Do you keep these little bits? Do you have a go-to project for using them?

When measuring each of my final 9 squares to make the block, they weren't coming out right.  The pattern said 4 1/2", most of mine were closer to 4 1/4".  I had measured my seam allowance before starting, I don't know what was wrong.  If using this pattern has taught me anything, it has made me realize that I need accuracy practice. Because I usually just have a quilt size that is what it is, rather than aiming for an exact measurement, I am not used to this. I want this one to be just right.  I might end up making this block over just to get that perfect measurement.  Also, I am not totally pleased with the color arrangement.  I think I should have swapped the teal and pink.

If I end up re-doing this I'll find some purpose for this block.  It is a super pretty block and I love the skill building involved with it. I can't wait to get started on block number two!

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  1. This is a pretty block Jen. It takes practise to figure out how to get the quarter inch right. The more seams in a block the more accurate you have to be. Even though I have a 1/4" foot on my machine I have to move the needle over one or two spots to the right to get the accurate measurement.
    I'll rip out twice and then I just live with the result....sometimes I keep those little bits but if I get too many I throw them out because they drive me bonkers.

  2. Wow Jen, lovely block! I also have a 1/4" foot and really love it. I use a pressing board and press my seams vs. ironing them and I find it helps loads with keeping my piecing accurate. I find if I iron my blocks on my ironing board I end up smooshing all of my accuracy right out of the block. I also have a pile orphan blocks that I might make up into a quilt one day. I am also a pinning convert. I pin both sides of the seam. It took me a while to develop a workflow with pinning. It will come.

  3. I think this color arrangement is spot on! The pink and yellow remind me of a cool, refreshing drink, maybe pink lemonade. I think this is lovely and summery!

  4. What a beautiful block! I usually try to make sure, when I am sewing seams, I can see the whole 1/4" line on my throat plate, that way I am making scant 1/4". And I am very good friends with my seam ripper if a seam doesn't suit me.

  5. Great block! I really like the colors you used.

  6. I admire you for not using pins. I used to be that way, but somewhere along the line I started using them. While I may be more accurate, I'm regretably so much slower now. I constantly ask myself if the non-quilter and non-sewer really notice what we notice? Beautiful fabric choices for you block.

  7. Jen, I really like the color arraignment you chose - the teal and the pink work great right where they are.
    I, too, try to avoid pins. they irritate me. But I also get really upset with myself when my points don't match up and I realize I might have been able to avoid it if I had used pins! I have been using pins lately. I took a class for a Storm at Sea wall hanging and I wanted it to be the best I could do...the pins helped! :)


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