Monday, July 25, 2016

Holiday Wishes Winners

Thank you all so much for participating in my Holiday Wishes Giveaway!  It was great fun to be able to give away such a neat book.
The winners have been notified via email and will be receiving their books shortly.
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I had fully intended to have another block from the Midnight Clear quilt to post about, but that is not where my focus led me this weekend.  How many times have quilting plans fallen through because there was just something else you wanted to work on?  Too many to count for me!

And, unfortunately, what I wanted to work on this weekend was just some pattern testing that I cannot share just yet.  ;)  I can, however, share the new thing I tried!  Hand binding.

Since the beginning, I have always used my machine to bind my quilts.  I tend to make larger quilts (at least lap size) and trying to bind by hand was always a bit intimidating.  I never really learned to sew by hand and this was  a big leap for me.  I had my test block all done and quilted with a pretty variegated thread and I wanted to hang it on my wall.  "It's just a little test block," I said to myself, "If I mess it up terribly, I can just toss it."  So, I used my machine to sew the binding to the front, then pressed and clipped it down.

I got out my needle and thimble and did a YouTube search for hand quilt binding.  It turned out pretty nice.  My hand did cramp up a little bit and I dropped my needle on the floor once, but overall not a bad experience.

I might try to hand bind my next finished quilt.  I like the way it looks and it is a change of pace, as well as a new skill to perfect.  Sometimes you just need to put a good TV show on and curl up on the couch.  If I had a porch with a good view, I would be out there, but... TV it is.  :)

While testing this block, I knew I would need scraps and it has been awhile since I have dug to the bottom of my scrap bag.  I just love making quilts with scraps.  When I first started quilting, you could find me at a quilt store sitting on the floor filling gallon plastic bags with scraps.  There were a few semi-local stores that had huge baskets full from classes that sold "all you can fit" bags.  I was in heaven.  Now I usually have enough of my own scraps to make things, but I make so many scrap projects that I only have one bag full and it is pretty picked over.

I don't separate my scraps at all.  One inch pieces go in with two inch strips and red in with white, cotton in with flannel.  It is a mess. Especially when I dump the contents out on my bed and start digging. It might be smart to separate them, but I rarely look for a specific piece.  I usually just start cutting and sewing.  I do have a box full of 5 inch  squares and another with 2 1/2 inch strips because I was working on a project and didn't get around to completing it.  I should just dump those in with my other scraps so I can see them every day.

I have a couple of quilting friends that always send me their scraps.  :)  I gasp every time I see them throw away anything larger than 3 inches.  Do you keep all your bits and pieces?  Or do you toss all of the leftovers?

Happy Monday and Happy Quilting!
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  1. I keep every tiny little scrap of batik, cotton fabric not so much. My hand sewing is not good now, so I do the flange binding, and then after sewing it onto the back, bring to the front and use the hemming foot to sew along the very edge of the flange.

  2. I didn't always but I do now, but what size to start from? That is the question. I have always hand stitched my binding and have never used a machine. But, if the day ever comes when wonky machine stitching ever comes into it's own I will be up there :)

  3. I hand sew most of my bindings, and usually do bias bindings. I've tried a few by machine and am getting better at it. I usually save all scraps except the tiny crumbs!

  4. I keep all of my scraps. The tiniest bits go out to the birds for nesting materials.
    I usually machine bind, but I have not been happy with the lack of perfection I sometimes get. I'm hand sewing a binding now, just because I'm feeling the urge to be perfect.

    1. I used to keep even the threads and tiniest bits to make door stoppers to block the cold air in the winter, but I haven't done that in awhile.
      I bet the birds' nests in your area are so pretty! :)

  5. I've never know any other way than hand binding. I used to dread doing it, but I've come to enjoy it! It's very relaxing to just sit down and watch a movie or something on TV while doing this and it doesn't take as long as I used to think. I am SO JEALOUS that you have friends who send you their scraps! NICE! I keep most of my scraps but not stuff like the size of HST trimmings. I supposed they would make good stuffing though.

  6. I love that you tried hand stitching your binding...when I feel very brave AND have a busy fabric for it, I may sew down the binding by machine...I think I have done it twice! Also, fwiw, I cut the tips off leather gloves for my thimbles, if you ever want to try a different kind :)

  7. I save it all!--even smaller than I used to now that I have made a few mini minis and 3.5" pincushions, those thanks to Amanda Jean... I have some organization to my scraps but want to improve as I have some ideas percolating for them. Up until recently I hand stitched all my bindings down as I do prefer that look but machine stitching IS faster, and like Paige, I am improving.

  8. It all gets saved -- I can hardly throw anything out. My scrap bins are full, full, full!

    1. Me too. I just bought some bins this weekend and I think I need to buy about 5 more. :)

  9. I'm so glad you tried hand binding. I like the look of it. I usually only bind my scrap car quilts by machine because I haven't been very happy with my machine binding. I have pinned a couple of good binding techniques recently though that I might try. In regard to scraps you know me...I don't ever save little pieces and I want all my pieces neatly piled and pressed so even my 2 1/2" strips and charm squares have drawers of their own.

    1. I do believe that I am addicted to the hand binding now. I did a whole baby quilt this weekend and it was fun and looks so nice. I am hoping I will get a little faster though.
      And you know where your scraps can go. m :) (hint: me)

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