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One day I was lazily browsing Pinterest for some mini quilt inspiration.  I was seeing all of these beautiful mini quilts that everyone was sharing on their blogs and I wanted to get involved.  I hadn't really done any mini quilts before.  I had my Butterfly wall hanging, but that was still rather large.

I started talking with my new friend Janice over at Color, Creating, and Quilting and she wanted to start making minis too.  We decided that there must be others out there that want to start on this new quilting adventure.

We found a mini quilt tutorial that we both loved right away. It was designed by Debora at Studio Dragonfly Quilts.  We have her on board with our little blog hop and she is going to join us as well.  She, as well as Janice and I, are super excited to see all of the Shadow Minis you all make.  They are so much fun I think I will make a few.  

We want to extend an invitation for anyone to join in on this fun and make your own version of this Shadow Block Mini Quilt.  We are going to turn this into a Mini Blog Hop and have a big reveal day at the end.  This is a super quick project that can easily be finished in a day, but we are going to give you two whole weeks before the big reveal.
If you want to participate, here's how:

1. Contact either me or Janice no later than August 31 **Edit  (new date)**and let us know you want to participate by leaving a comment on this blog or by e-mailing one of us:

Include your name, blog, Instagram address, or wherever you would like to share your quilt.  If you want to share on Instagram, use this hashtag: #shadowminiquilt.  Just be sure to wait until August 29th! And really, you don't even HAVE to have a blog.  Just join us in the fun part.  The making!

2. Go print out this tutorial and create the quilt.

3. Prepare a blog post about it to be revealed on September 5 *Edit (new date)**.  That gives you two whole weekends (and everything in between) to get this done.  Please make sure to include a reference to our blogs

Color Creating and Quilting (
A Dream and a Stitch (

as the brains behind the idea! We hope this idea will generate new traffic for us and for you!

4.  We will be sending a list of all participants to each one who will be making a quilt and blogging about it and would ask that you post this list with a link to each participant's blog, just like a blog hop.  It will be so fun to see everybody's interpretation of this fun little quilt.  It is an easy project with some instant gratification.

Janice and I thought this event up on the fly and really didn't think about any prizes, but I'll bet we could come up with SOMETHING if enough of you want that to be part of the hop.


  1. Just popping over from Janice's blog to say hi and I'm in... which I told her too. I'm heading down to my studio to pick just the right focus fabric. I'm thinking of a Halloween charm pack might be just the thing. Hum, I wonder if I should enlarge it so I don't even have to cut the charms?? That's a possibility. The directions at are great.

  2. Sounds like fun! That is always a beautiful pattern!

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