Quilt Planner's 2016 Sew-along and More

Yes!  There is progress being made on the ginormous To-Do list.

But first, I am so excited to join in on a sew-along with the Quilter's Planner folks.
         1.  I have never participated in a full quilt sew-along before.
         2.  I have never joined in an Instagram group of any kind.

Yea for trying new things!
THAT would be why I am so excited.  Plus it is a beautiful quilt with an amazing group of people.
Stephanie at Late Night Quilter has a post explaining all about the sew-along HERE.  And Kitty at Night Quilter has one HERE as well.  And of course, @thequiltersplanner and #QP2016sewalong.

The quilt we will all be making is the Scrappy Picnic Plaid quilt by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced.
It is so lovely and I can't wait to dig through all my scraps this weekend to pick out my colors.  I am really tempted to do a dark version with black instead of white.  Partly because I barely have any white in my stash/scrap bin and party because I just love rainbow on black.  But, I am also worried about that because I haven't done anything like this before and maybe I should just stick with the pattern.  I guess we will see once I start pulling the colors out.  I am, however, determined to buy zero additional fabric for this.  :)

You can see all of my Instagram posts about the sew-along @adreamandastitch.
There are absolutely going to be some beautiful,scrappy, rainbow photos for all the fabric eye-candy lovers out there.  

In other news, progress has been made this week on the Crown Royal quilt.  It is just about ready to put together.  I only have to decide if it wants sashing between the blocks to increase the size.
It is only 20 12"blocks and is for a larger guy.  What do you guys think?  Is sashing a good option to increase the size?  And maybe a little bit of a border too?  I'll have to find a photo of the whole block, so you can get an idea what I am working with.  You can see a bit of it in the background of this photo.

Ick.  I need to clean and soak my mat.

I did some skill-building paper piecing too.

It was a bit messy.  A little above my skill level.  Such tiny pieces! But I know the finished project was a success, because I have had two more requests for duplicates.  The pattern was one I found on Craftsy.  Witchy Toes by Trillium Design.

Just look how tiny some of those pieces are!

I got some free motion quilting done on my beach blanket too.  It is coming along nicely I think.  Just a simple meander.  

I need to remember to balance my photos to get rid of that yellow.

I decided to pin baste this quilt and use my kitchen floor and masking tape.  It worked really well besides having sore knees after.  I usually just spray baste and use my tabletop and do a section at a time.  The pinning didn't take as long as I thought it would and I think I came up with better results.  

This post is getting exceptionally long and I should probably stop now and save more for another day.  :)
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  1. You have been busy, girl! Good for you! You said you did some skill building paper piecing but I didn't see what you actually made. Did you show it on another blog post? You need to get yourself some volleyball knee pads for that kitchen floor basting! :D

  2. Love your energy and motivation! I'm sure I will have scraps for you if you need any other colors on your latest project! Jules

  3. LOL from my corner of QBL on the 'this post is getting exceptionally long' uh not in my world!! I enjoyed every photo and description and I already went and grabbed a copy of Witchy Toes! AND thank YOU so much for the reminder to get in on the sew along with those three gals; I got the email notification about it saw the quilt, fell in LOVE (love scrap quilts) and thought yep, I'm in, but then promptly forgot with all the other life stuff going on and quilt stuff too. The beach quilt is looking great, although seeing it being quilted on a dsm makes me a little nervous because that's what I'll be doing this winter, since we will be in Florida and Avril can't come, sniff. Good that you're pushing yourself to try new things too, and successfully I might add!

  4. Jen, that is some tiny paper piecing! Wow! You've got more patience than me! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the QAL!

  5. That Sew Along looks fun! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday!

  6. Sashing is a great way to increase the size of your quilt, and maybe a double border to frame it too. Lay some of your blocks out on the fabric first to get the feel of it before cutting it up then finding you don't like it. Your beach blanket will end up a lovely cuddly quilt with that lovely meander.


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