Freefall QAL - I see leaves!

I have finally got my quilting mojo back!  Yeahoo!!
My shoulder feels fine and I spent the whole weekend with my machine and Doctor Who.  :)
It was fabulous.

I spent Friday night and Saturday working on my FreeFall leaves for the QAL over at mmmquilts.
I decided to make all of my small leaves the same color.

I started to put together my leaf points and could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong.  The paperless paper piecing method was new to me, so I continued to try...and fail.

I was so frustrated.  So, I went to bed then just as I was on the verge of sleep I thought to myself, "did I even measure the template I printed out?"  I woke up Saturday morning with newfound energy and went straight to my cut-out paper template.  Sure enough, I had printed it the wrong size, by about a 1/4 inch.  Sigh.  So, I threw my leaf points and my other cut points into the scrap bin and followed Sandra's instructions to draw my own (I didn't have a printer at home to print another template and I wasn't about to wait another week).   Easy Peasy!  The points went together like a dream!

Then onto the HSTs:

You gotta love the trimmings!

Putting the blocks together went so smooth.  I kept expecting to have to do some seam ripping to get some of those points nice, but they were all perfectly acceptable.  Some not quite perfect, but pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  :)

The color is off on this photo a bit, but I thought it was pretty anyways.

I am so excited to get the next set of instructions.  This is coming together so nicely.  You can view the progress of everyone else following along on the Linkup on Sandra's blog HERE.

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  1. Hi Jen, I had the same problem with the paper template too, my printer wouldn't print them to the correct size, it was off by an 1/8" which was just enough to make the leaves look off. I ended up drawing the templates myself so the problem was resolved. The leaves really sewed up fast.

  2. I drew my template onto freezer paper, then stitched through the lines with no thread and an old needle, Ironed on the leaf, turned back on the stitched line, and that left the 1/4 inch to line up the outer parts. Yours are so gorgeous in all the same fabric, mine are coming along,5 done, 3 to go, all rainbow colours on dark marbled green batik.Another wonderful pattern.

  3. Oooh that's gonna be pretty! Never even occurred to me to make all the leaves the same color!!

  4. Lovely colour choices. It's going to be beautiful. I did regular paper piecing for my points and they worked well. So far, I have 5 leaves done and expect the other 3 to be complete this weekend, just in time for the next instructions.

  5. I am so glad you figured out what wasn't working. I often figure things like that out as I sleep, too. Your fabric selection is great, and I hope to start sewing my blocks this afternoon. :)

  6. I love the fabrics you've chosen Jen and I think the quilt will look great with just the three colours. I'm glad you figured out what the issue was.

  7. Jen, these are looking great and I love the colors you are using. With all the pieces that make up the blocks, I was quite impressed how quickly they sew up. The leaf points seem to be the most challenging part, but once you figure out the first one the rest are a breeze.

  8. Yay! SO glad you figured out the issue, and UBER-glad you found my instructions to draft the paper template straightforward! Thank you for finding your mojo, and persevering despite a setback, and thank you for doing my QAL and for linking up! Your fabrics are so lush!

  9. Well done, you figured out the problem, made your own template, and just got it done. Good for you. Lovely fabrics.

  10. Jen - this looks fabulous. I love the fabrics you chose!

  11. Love your colours! I agree, some good tips and techniques to be learned from Sandra!

  12. Your blocks look great! I think many of us work on quilt projects in our sleep.....I know I do!


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