Conquering that list of Goals

I woke up this morning with renewed energy to complete my list of quilting goals.  Now if only that motivation will last through my workday and still be there when I get home...

How many of you quilters deal with this?  When do you find time to quilt if you are just beat at the end of the day?

That being said.  I am so very close to being caught up with my projects that I have deadlines for.
Here is my checklist to finish in the next week (and a half):

  • Binding for Wedding Quilt (that should have been done months ago) - the wedding is at the end of May, so I think this meets the deadline as long as I get it in the mail by next week.  The quilt is quilted and the binding is ready to go.  I think I will be machine binding this one just because I haven't done it in awhile and I am in a bit of a time crunch.
Wedding Signature Quilt pre-quilting.  The little heart at the bottom in one that my grandma made before she passed.  This quilt is for a cousin.  

  • Catch up on my Freefall quilt.  I have been trying so hard to balance my quilting between the things I need to do and the things I want to do.  But ultimately the Need wins and I didn't have as much time to work on this last week as I had planned.  I did get started though and have all my little HSTs ready for trimming.

  • I have my Bee block for May to make and get in the mail.  That shouldn't take up too  much time, it looks like an easy, quick block.
  • I have a bridal shower to attend next weekend and have finally decided that I am going to make a simple table runner for the couple. 
Then after that:
  • I have not one, but TWO hops with block design and tutorial coming up that are Christmas themed.  
Lots of sewing to do, but it will be fun if I have the energy.  Did I mention I also was talked into signing up for a 5k at the beginning of June?  I would say that I am not a "runner".  So although a 5k is easy peasy for most, I have to train for it.  So, running is on the schedule too. 

To sign off, I will share some photos of a day trip that my sister and I took last weekend to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Festival.  It was a fabulous day and we were so lucky that the rain held off while we were there.  It was a muddy mess, but we had a great time.  

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  1. Awesome pictures, Jen! The color is glorious! And thanks for letting us get a peak at you too!

  2. I kept myself to a fairly strict one project at a time and no bee blocks or swaps while I was working (more than) full time. It was the (more than) part that was so unpredictable and exhausting that kept me from being able to do more. I admire everyone who juggles full lives to find creative time. Good luck and I think the wedding quilt is an especially sweet gift.

  3. When I went to work full time ( many years ago ) I had no time for any craft work at all. Now, retired, I should have all the time to do everything. So where do those daytime hours go??? Work and play , finding the right balance is the tricky part. The tulips, and best of all, you sitting there on a beautiful red bench seat . But for once, I am ahead part of the way for the one project I know will need lots of thought before hand, the 12 days of Christmas in July with Sarah.

  4. Oh my goodness, you look great amongst the tulips! Here's to getting everything done! My bee block isn't done, I better get busy!

  5. I am fortunate and don't have to deal with a day job and then quilting. But if you could even take 15 minutes you would be working toward your goals. I have friends dealing with the same as you and they always say the same thing as you. Such fabulous pics!

  6. I feel that way all the time. While I'm at work I think about quilting in the back of my head, then I get home and I'm zonked. I didn't stitch a stitch all last week. Maybe sneak some candy by the machine, stitch on a sugar and caffeine high :) You can do it!

  7. Good luck with getting everything done that you want to accomplish. I agree with Vicki, even a few minutes a day can move a project along. Thanks for sharing your lovely tulip festival photos.

  8. This is so me, I can totally relate to the being burned out after work although you really want to sew more. And the need vs. wish sewing problem: Don't get me started on that. It's in my 2017 quilty goals :)I guess the last would be easier if one stopped taking on new projects for other people or deadlines but that's never really going to be "life".

    My redesign of the sewing room helped, mostly being able to keep stuff out and try those 15 min. Vicky mentioned above.

    I am sending you lots of motivation (and time) to finish your projects.

    PS: The picture on the bench is really great and fun!

  9. Feels great to catch up on a few projects, doesn't it? Love the wedding quilt and I'm sure your cousin will too! Thanks for sharing the tulip photos. I love tulips and just haven't gotten out much this spring to see many. Thanks to you though, I've gotten to enjoy some real beauties! Thank you for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!

  10. How lovely to add one of your Grandma's hearts to your cousins wedding quilt, so thoughtful of you. I really enjoyed the pics, how lovely it is to spend time with a sister.


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