Are Ya Having That?

The majority of us have found ourselves getting caught up in watching YouTube videos for undisclosed amounts of time.  Sometimes we discover new things or learn something.  Sometimes the videos give us a quick giggle.  A few months ago, I came across a channel that I fell in love with.  This crew is so amazingly talented.  They are so funny and I can't wait for their next video to be posted.  

Now, this particular YouTube channel is not something you would think the stereotypical quilter would enjoy, but I know better because I am that quilter that enjoys both of these lifestyles/interests/communities and I know there has to be more of you out there.  Fair warning, this channel is not for those easily offended or for anyone that takes life too seriously.  They can be extremely slightly vulgar and drink quite a bit and that is part of the reason I love it.

The Are Ya Having That channel is a crew of three Irish folks that review food and drinks and play games and just generally have a good time for our entertainment.  Leather Jacket Guy, Johnny Bullshit, and Levi Jeans have gained a loyal follower in me because watching them have fun makes my day.  They are always good for a laugh and I would love nothing better than to come across them in a bar pub and buy them a pint.  Unfortunately, they are on the other side of the world, so how could I show my appreciation for their hard work at creating such an amazing source of entertainment? Well, I was inspired one day.  The quilting community is very supportive of fellow makers and creators across all genres, and I figured I would support them the best way I know how.  By making them something in my own creative medium in return of course.

Many people from the US send them care packages full of goodies and treats from their local areas.  I packed the box full of local brews, as well as a couple from my home state of Montana.  Then added in chips and chocolates and a few other edible treats.  But, to top it all off I made each one of them a personalized mug rug beer mat.  Now, most regular readers of my blog know that I have not done much applique, but I have been wanting to add it to my skill set.  I quickly set out to make a pattern and mat unique to each of the Are Ya Having That crew.  These turned out so cute, that I just had to make some notes and make a pattern so that others could make their own beer mats.

I have the pattern all written and up in my Crafty site.  I present to you Drinks on Me v.1 (and yes, there will be more versions soon).

The pattern includes the templates for all three drinks and the full alphabet.

Please, please, please (you'll only get the joke if you check them out :) ) let them know Are Ya Having That!!

Links to check out:
YouTube: Are Ya Having That
Twitter: Are Ya Having That
Craftsy: A Dream and A Stitch


  1. I am a sewing machine collector and quilting/embroidery enthusiast. Love their show and those are nice mats. Those appliques are really hammered down on the base, but I guess the whole mat is for when you get hammered, so go on sir.

    1. Well might have been me want to go back to are ya havin that lol, forgot the check mark for notify me for response lol.

    2. Applique is a bit new to me, but I wanted it to be a usable item, not just decoration. :) I knew I wasn't the only one that was a fan of both AYHT and quilting. haha.

  2. I have not watched this, but I promise I will check them out. I just love that you have made something for them! That is so cool! I'm Instagram friends with a tattoo artist (he actually did do one for my husband) and I jut think he is an incredibly talented artist. I've been slowly working on a quilt I hope to give to him just because I admire his talent.

  3. Thanks a lot, now I'm singing "All My Friends are Idiots" just from checking out the preview, can't imagine what I'll do if I see a full episode. You must really like the shows since you're sending them some nice goodies. I hope they appreciate them.

  4. Great mug rug/beer mats Jen, male or female too, excellent.


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