Two days - Make it count

How is it possibly Tuesday already?!?!
I just said LAST week that I would post every Monday.  Oh goodness.  Can you please forgive me? Have I lost your trust?  :(
Truth is, most of my quilting time takes place on the weekends and this weekend, I spent a whopping total of 10 minutes at my machine before my back made some major protests. Ugh....nothing like an unexpected muscle (I don't even know if that is what it was) tweek to ruin your plans.

I know quite a few of you follow me on other social media channels.  If you don't and want to, feel free.  :)  I always love making new friends.


Anyway, if you do, you may have noticed the changes I have made in my life the last few months.  I have been focusing on my own health and happiness.  Part of that leads me to make the most of every day.  To find joy in the things I do.  Sometimes (like this weekend), I get tripped up and lose focus.  Lately though, that doesn't hold me back for long and I am back to working towards my goals with a vengeance.

This is where the Two Days come in.  My quilting has taken a back burner and I want to move it up again.  I am ready for it.  To fit it into my new lifestyle I need to have a bit of a plan.  No more lolly-gagging and puttering around making a mess of my fabric.  I need to have a project and work on it from start to finish.  I need the gratification that comes from using what you have on hand and finishing a project quickly.

So, tell me.  What are your favorite two day (or less) projects that don't require any special equipment or supplies?  It helps immensely if they are actually useful or can be used for a gift.  Help me fellow quilters!!  :)


  1. #miniminiquilts or even just a mini quilt can be a fun way to work on a project start to finish... as are placemats and table runners. Those smaller kind of things are my go-to for fast turnaround, fun, satisfying finishes.

  2. I spend around about an hour a day sewing, less in summer which is coming up so having an idea of what I'm doing and is paramount. I spend a lot of time planning the most efficient way of getting on with it. All this is actually to say I have no idea what two days sewing achieves. Would it be the equivalent of two weeks for me? I like Yvonne's ideas and I think a large scale single block quilt would work as well.

  3. Table runners and mini quilts. Pick one for fall and that will spur you on to get it done to use this year!

  4. Pillow covers. I have often thought (and have yet to do it myself . . .) of making a fairly simple pillow cover for every holiday and season, making them all the same size, and then gifting the whole set to someone, including one pillow insert, to be changed out during the year.

  5. I'd say a pillow, placemat or mug rug for two days, depending on the item of course, you can do appliqué as long as it is by machine, needle turn takes too long, unless it was a coaster or something. I haven't done any sewing for three weeks (don't go there) but I left work yesterday and intend to sew until my hearts content now, apart from life getting in the way of course :-)


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