March Bee Blocks

You know, I really don't know why I haven't been posting about what I have been working on lately.  I seem to have developed this habit of only blogging when I have a finish or have a hop that I am participating in. 
It is a silly habit and I miss writing and hearing from all of you, so I am going to stop it right now.  :)
March was a busy month for me and it went by so quickly. 
It was the double up month in my year long quilting bee (Bee Inspired). 
Although I finished the blocks in time, I completely failed to get them mailed out before April hit.
And I did not get great photos ahead of time either.  So, I had to snap some quick shots after I had them in my bag all day.  Sorry for the wrinkles and frayed edges. 

BTW - how do you all keep the edges from getting so frayed.  I have been noticing so many photos of clean, sharp cutting lines on blocks lately and no matter how soon I take the photo, I can't get them as crisp and nice. 

Both the blocks this month were so fun to make and so different. 
Some little shamrocks for Jennifer at The Inquiring Quilter and fun bordered I-spy type rectangles for Paige at Quilted Blooms.
I'm not going to lie, I made a shamrock for myself too and already have a plan for another quilt using the same idea as Paige.  :D

Happy Quilting!  :D


  1. Great blocks! I suspect some people have some sort of magical powers that hide the edges when they photograph blocks. I do not possess this magic.

  2. Maybe they edit their photos? I too seem to be in the habit of not posting as often as I feel I need finished items.

  3. Love the blocks! Thanks so much Jen! I've always wondered that too, to too do not possess the magic!

  4. You and Paige are good for me. I tend to try to make things so much more complicated than they need to be when a simple "I Spy " quilt would be so easy and actually a lot of fun to look at. Hmm! As for little thread legs sticking out, I just cut 'em off before I take a pic! :)

  5. Very cute blocks you made!! I made Paige's blocks a week ago and they are still here? I must get them mailed soon. I didn't have much for cute novelty fabric but your cups are so cute and so are the owls. I did find some sock monkey fabric though that I thought a teen would enjoy.


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