Oh no! What am I going to do?

Ok.  I have succumbed to the pull of the all mighty Quilt Along.
How many of us always have 'too many projects' that we just HAVE to get done and then the urge to start something new becomes even stronger than ever? 
Too many quilts, too little time is becoming my new motto.
But, I just couldn't pass up the Fireburst Mystery Quilt Along because there are so many of my quilty friends doing it too.  I have a very strong FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on this one.  So, why the heck not right?

Tish's Adventures in Wonderland just started this one a few weeks ago, so it is not too late to hop on yourself if you are so inclined.  It is going to be a fun one. If you are interested in joining, head on over and check out Tish's intro post:

I am just a wee bit behind because I just made my final decision to join yesterday.  And I knew I was going to pull from my stash for this one.  And I wanted to use some fun crazy fabric.  

I have a bit of a dilemma though.  I can't decide which fabric to use for my background and I need your help.  Here are the fabrics I have picked. 

I have enough of both the floral and the blue to use as the Background fabric.  
I need your opinions.  
Which would you choose?  


  1. Floral as background, Blue #!, pale green #2, and the red/purple #3, I finally cut mine yesterday, dithered for a while to decide too. Just my thoughts. Did you put them on the Facebook page?

  2. I also like the idea of the floral as the background. Tish might be able to weigh in if you share in the FB group as Nancy suggests. :)

  3. As I told you last night when you gave me a sneak peak (that was fun), blue if you're feeling cautious and floral if you're feeling adventurous! :D It's a great pull and it's going to look great either way! By the way, I'm viewing this picture on my work computer now and the red looks a lot different! It's going to be great.

  4. I love the floral fabric but using it as a background in a mystery quilt would be like standing on the cliff edge for me! I'd definitely get some input from Tish though, I love the idea!

  5. Beautiful fabric!! I wish you had enough for the red to be the background! Since I like backgrounds to be solidish, I'd going with the blue. Although I'd love for you to use the floral so I can see how it turns out! I'm so very indecisive!

  6. I honestly think both would work for back grounds. If you go the print route for the background, all the others would look great as 1,2 and 3. If you go the blue background route, I'd be tempted to make the floral my number 3. This is a toughie...I like it both ways :)


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