It's the Little Things

I am so envious of people that can quilt any time the mood strikes them.

These days, my quilting is only on the weekends.  And that is if I don't have a ton of other errands to do.  And of course I am still unpacking my house slowly.

I haven't tackled a large project lately, but have been happy sewing some little things.

A couple of weekends ago, my niece wanted to "do crafts". So, we made her a few coasters for her tea set and also made a pillow for her baby-doll that matched the blanket I made for her when she was born. 
It was a fun day.  Next she wants to make pajama pants.  :) 

I am also still working on using the fabric in my stash.  I have been holding onto some of it for far too long.  If I want to invest in some of the new great fabric lines that keep coming out, I HAVE to use some of this that I have had around forever.

What better way than to make some little project things to give as gifts or sell for others to give as gifts.  I started by throwing together these matching mug-rugs.  I didn't realize until I was almost done that I probably should have had the back on while I was adding each piece of fabric.  They would be done if I had done that.  But now I have to add the back and figure out how to quilt it.  Recommendations??
I am loving these colors and might make more for the set.  Or possibly some matching small coasters or a bowl. 


  1. I am using scraps to make placemats, and those colours you have are wonderful together. Maybe wavy lines through each strip, or a V pattern? My mats are round, so I did petal shapes, and curves in the outer borders.

  2. I love to make little projects, and sometimes it's just what I need when I'm fussing about not getting to quilt more, or stalling on a larger project. For your little mats, I'd do straight line quilting, sew straight lines the length of the gray strip, then straight lines the other direction following the lines of the other strips (make sense?). How cool that you were able to sew with your niece, and passing on the joy of quilting/sewing to another generation :-)

  3. What a great auntie you are. Life is funny. You wish you could quilt more (I can quilt anytime because I’m retired) and I wish I had young nieces or grandkids around so I could hang out with them and teach them about being creative with fabric, so I am a tiny bit jealous of you. Talk soon Jen. I am loooking forward to seeing some of the things you are making.


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