A little of this, a little of that

Do you ever have those days where you can't concentrate and work on a billion and a half projects?

I had one of those.  I just couldn't lock into anything, so I did a little of this and a little of that.
I certainly made some progress an multiple things, but only one teeny little thing got done.

A friend of mine has asked that I make a baby quilt for her niece.  The shower was this last weekend and because she knew the quilt wouldn't be done by then, she asked for maybe a little scrap of the fabric so she could give a hint at her gift.  Just the fabric?  Oh no, that won 't do.  She mentioned she was also giving the baby a Rocking Dog.  Like a Rocking Horse, only it was a fluffy puppy.  *Lightbulb*  My crafty mind thought, I can work with this.  Every puppy needs a collar and tags right?  So ...

This darling little dog tag was born.

The binding is a bit rough.  Which led me to read some tutorials on how to bind a tiny thing.  I love the abundance of quilting tutorials.  Now if I can only remember what to do next time. This was about 2 inches across. My friend hung it on a ribbon around the dog's neck and told them there was more to come.  :)  It was fun to make.  I need to get to work on the quilt.  Maybe this long weekend will see its finish.

I also made a little gift for a friend, but you can't see it until she gets it.  :)

Then I worked on another quilt that a friend asked me to make for her boyfriend.  How many of you have used those Crown Royal bags to make a quilt?  It is fun.  I think it will turn out well.  I need to decided on some design factors still because the amount of bags I have doesn't make it quite big enough.

And, last but not least, I worked on a quilt that has been in progress for a couple of months now.  It is for a nephew's 16th birthday, which has come and gone, but I KNOW I will get it done before his 18th.  

I am loving the colors of it.  I wish that I could share the fabrics with you, but it is ALL from my stash and I purchased most of that before I knew to pay attention.

My design board... I recently bought a new dining table and I had to attach the legs myself and it came in this HUGE, heavy box.  I kept one of the cardboard sides and keep it behind my sewing table.  When I need to lay something out, I just pin some batting scraps to it and lean it against the wall behind my sewing space.  Then I just swivel in my chair, grab the pieces and Bob's your uncle.  It works out pretty well.  I wish I had a more permanent, stable design wall, but tiny apartment living just doesn't allow for wall space.

This green quilt still has a little growing to do.  Maybe two more rows on the side, then the top will be done.  If you have read my #BraveQuilter post, you know my free motion is a work in progress.  How would you quilt this?

I did work on one more block, but I will save that for another post because...*drumroll* I will have a Giveaway to go with it!

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  1. that is a terrific design wall. Portable, lightweight. I laughed at it will be done by his 18th birthday. LeeAnna

    1. LeeAnna--
      Thanks for stopping by. So far, most of my "16th birthday" quilts have made it to them as high school graduation quilts. :) But that is a good time to get a quilt too.

  2. You are right, every dog needs at tag! What a great idea recycling the box for your design wall! Can't wait to hear about new block and giveaway!

  3. Great idea for a portable design wall. Your green and gray quilt is going to be gorgeous! I'm sure your nephew will love it whenever he receives it.

  4. What a very cute dog tag!! I love the grey and green quilt .... just stunning! I was going to ask what the grey fabric was until I read your comments about it all being from stash!

  5. I think your colour choice for your nephew are absolutely great. Especially the grey as a background colour.

  6. Your nephew's quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. It's always great when we can find the right fabrics in stash!

  7. I've been really distracted in my sewing lately too! I love the little "hint" project ... very clever!

  8. Doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that can be very satisfying, in my opinion.
    Your little puppy tag is lovely! And what a great idea you had.
    And, my, aren't you clever for making a deisgn wall like this! I'll have to make one. Thank you for mentionning it!

  9. Great design wall! portable too! Thanks for the giveaway


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