All that holiday sewing

I thought for sure I was going to be crazy busy trying to get things done this Christmas.  Nope.
I finished it all early!  I was shocked.  We had a couple of snow days off work last week and what else would you do on a snow day besides make your sewing space all cozy, throw on some Netflix and get to work?  It was wonderful.

I made a cute All Snowed In table runner from the Holiday Wishes book with a Juniper Berry Jolly Bar pack for our office gift exchange.  I added some basic coasters with some of the leftover fabrics.

It was received well.  Was kind of hard to be "secret" when everyone knows I am the quilter of the bunch.  They were hoping I had made something before gifts were even opened.  :)

For everyone else, I made little paper-pieced stockings.  And I do mean LITTLE!  They were probably about 5 inches high.  And of course, I failed to get a photo of those.  Ooops.  There were star ornaments too.  When searching the tutorials, I saw them called Scandinavian stars most frequently.  I was considering doing a tutorial of my own on these, because I had to reference many tutorials and videos before it made sense to me.  Once I figured it out though, they were so much fun to make.

And now that the holiday sewing is all done, I can start a fresh, new project.  I took a peek at my list for Quilting Jetgirl's #2017PlanningParty and then decided on something that wasn't even on the list.  Hahaha.  You can see my list HERE.  

I had purchased a pattern and all of the fabrics for it probably 2, maybe even 3 years ago at a retreat and then set it aside.  It is my first time doing a complete batik quilt and I am excited to see how it turns out.  Here is a sneak peek at one of the beautiful prints:

I hope everyone has a comforting and joyful holiday season!  Smiles and hugs to all of my quilting friends!


  1. You are in better shape than me! I am finishing my 8 year old grandsons quilt and one more little zipper pouch, I hope! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I think you should do a star tutorial for sure! I was actually thinking about doing a sit down craft with the ladies or kids that want to make one on Christmas day. If you have any hints or tips for me, I'd love to hear. Good for you for being done early! Jealous over here. :)

  3. Green batik, truly wonderful, and I like them, fine fabric, not a fraying edge in sight, and easy to roller cut. I'm sure you will be an addict... oops, maybe a fan after this. Merry Christmas.

  4. Sometimes combining several tutorials is the only way to have it make sense! I say do a tutorial with what you learned! this year I opted not to make any quilted presents. It was time to give my friends and family a year will be different!


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