This weekend I finally was able to sit down and work on my new machine! Who has yet to be named.  She is a bit shy I suppose, although I now know that she gives off a distinctly feminine vibe.  When she was new I thought for sure it was a male machine.  :)

What was my first project?
Jen over at Patterns by Jen is hosting Muggamo!  What is a maggamo you ask?  She explains her word creation brilliantly on her blog post, but basically it is a "Mug Rug a Month".  She will be sharing a new mug rug pattern each month.  Hop over to her blog for all the details!

Patterns By Jen

This year, one of my goals is to make some smaller items.  Things to use for gifts or to place around my house.  These mug rugs will be perfect!

The pattern was easy to follow and I picked the fabrics right out of my scrap bin.  With all this yucky weather, I felt the need to pull some bright Springtime colors.

See my new snippers?  Love them!

Pretty trimmings!  But I really, really need to clean that mat.

Part of me wishes I would have swapped out the yellow and the white, but the other part says, "Well make another one silly!"

See that fancy, new scissor thread cutter on my new machine!  Favorite thing so far, tied with the 1/4" stitch setting.

Trying out my new walking foot.  Pretend you don't see that tiny little pucker, that was totally user error.

Just look at those pretty, straight lines!  Loving it!

I had to try out the free-motion too.

I still have to hand-stitch the back of the binding, but that will get done tonight.
Overall?  Very happy with this little mug rug!  Thanks Patterns by Jen for the great tutorial!

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  1. I'm glad you like your new machine; From what I can see the mug rug looks pretty awesome as well.

  2. Glad to see you enjoying your new machine! :)

  3. The blue and yellow are so cheerful - good thing you left them in. I love the stitching variety you did for the FMQ. What thread and weight did you use? It really stands out nicely. And such straight lines! Bravo! Those even gentle meanders are admirable also. I like the idea of small projects that you complete quickly. I too would like to do more of them this year. I made my granddaughters some doll quilts this past Christmas and had a blast doing it. You can check them out at

  4. Fun quilting...looking good! I have been trying to finish small pieces too so I can do more quilting.


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