April Color Challenge Block - Orange

April is here!!
Not only is it my birthday month, but the color chosen for the Monthly Color Challenge is one of my recent favorites!
Orange is a difficult and confusing color.  People either love it or hate it. It is the color of citrus and prison uniforms.  It represents health and caution.  It is sunshine and Halloween.  If you study color theory, orange could be a research topic all of its own.  It has the vibrancy and power of red, but also the calm comfort of yellow.  I love orange.
It is a fickle color too.  It, unlike blue, does not always play well with others.  You can't just say, well I'll throw this orange in there because I need one more Fat Quarter.  That could be disastrous.
I think of orange as a color that doesn't always go right, but when it IS....oh boy look out because it will blow you away.  :)
It has become one of my new favorites.  Paired up with a Plum and a Teal .....oh, I just love it.
But, for the Color Challenge this month, I stuck to what orange fabrics I had on hand.
My goodness, third month in a row where I don't seem to have as much variety in a color as I thought.  I really struggled finding that medium orange.  In certain light, it is an obvious difference, but I am not sure that you can tell where the difference pieces are in these photos.
Either way, it is a super fun block to make and you can find the pattern for it over at Patterns By Jen.

 And as usual, don't forget to check out the other bloggers in the Monthly Color Challenge to find more Orange blocks:

And there will be a Link party to share your Orange blocks on Patterns by Jen at the end of the month for a chance to win a Fat Eighth bundle sponsored by Island Batik!!!


  1. Jen - you are so right about orange being one of those that you love or hate! I'm slowly coming around to the color, but I feel like I tend to hate it more than I love it. Your block is lovely :)

  2. Looks great! I do love orange as a fun accent. :)

  3. Love the effect that the spotted fabric has on this block. Orange is my favourite accent and a colour to avoid at all other times!!


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