A lot of work - Sewing Room progress

Unpacking is hard work.  And takes so much more time than you would imagine.  Of course it doesn't help that I am exhausted most evenings because I work all day and if I get a half box unpacked and dinner made, it is practically a miracle.

That being said, I did spend part of last weekend unpacking some sewing room boxes.  Some of which have been in boxes or totes for years because I had nowhere to put them.

I found it quite relaxing to unpack and re-press some of my fabric and put it on the shelf.  I haven't color coded it yet, but I have separated the flannel from the cotton. 

It is still a huge mess, but it is getting there.  I am hoping to have room to set my other desk up this weekend.  I will designate that desk for my Cricut and all that crafty stuff.  And maybe, just maybe I will actually get some sewing done. *fingers crossed*

In other news. 
*I've joined the MQG finally and will be working on a group quilt with my friends from our international quilting circle.  More on that to come soon.
*And I have joined a new quilt-a-long that has applique in it so I can work on those skills.  If I remember correctly, the first part comes out today.
*AND.... I have been reviewing some half finished patterns that I was writing back when I was quilting regularly and I really want to get back to them. 

So much sewing in my future. Yeah!


  1. Enjoy settling in, as you seem to be doing! What fun. Thanks for showing your progress!

  2. Progress is progress, doing a little at a time adds up quickly! I think setting up a sewing room or rearranging it is sooo much fun! Plus it reacquaints oneself on what you do really have!

  3. Looks like you are making good progress! Having fabrics pressed and neatly folded makes everything look so pretty and organized!


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