Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fabric score

Last week I had to stop into Fabric Depot to JUST GRAB ONE THING....oops.
I didn't know where that breast cancer awareness fabric would be so I wandered around a bit.
That led me towards the back of the store where I saw some doors leading outside.  I subscribe to their newsletter and remembered reading something about an Outdoor sale.  

Just one quick peek I said to myself.  That peek looked like this and my jaw dropped.

Holy smokes!  So much fun fabric.  And the prices were right up my alley. I can't believe that I restrained myself so well.  Fabric sales and me have a very delicate relationship.  They scream at me that they'll leave if I don't buy all that my wallet can handle.  I settled on a couple of pieces that really caught my eye and resolved to come back another day.  This thing will last all summer!  Woohoo!

My score for the day.
Bottom to top: 
Fusion Garden Circles in Steel - Robert Kaufman
Cascade Collection - Glisten in Deep Sea & Mauve by Jessica Levitt - Windham Fabrics
Fabric Traditions  2011 (that's all it says, and I can't find it anywhere online)
Governor's Palace - Windham Fabrics

This was my first time trying to label the fabric I am showing.  I feel like am pretty close to failing.  I am having a hard time determining how to describe the fabric so that others could find it if they like it as well as giving credit to the designers, etc.  If anyone has tips on how to do this, please let me know. :)

Do you ever come across a piece that just calls to you? Maybe it is outside your usual tastes, but something about it just makes your heart go pitter-patter.  This pretty little floral stripe did that for me.  I don't know what I will do with it, but I knew that I just had to have it.  It reminds me of a sleepy, cozy weekend at grandma's house.  That is the only way I can describe it.  Maybe I'll make some pj's from it, or pillowcases.   How would you use this?

There were a couple of other colors that went with these squares, but I limited myself to the ones that I just couldn't do without.

Now if I can only bring myself to cut into it instead of just fondling it every day...

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Runaround Bags

As crafty people, there are always those days where we must make sacrifices and complete projects that are requests from those we love.  Who am I kidding?!  I LOVE getting requests.  :)
And I had two of them this weekend!  Both my mom and my son asked me to work on a few things for them this weekend.  I was more than happy to comply.
My son requested a wall version of a symbol from one of his video games (I will share when I have more of it done.)

A few years ago I was at a retreat and one of the demonstrations was for this super cute Runaround Bag by Lazy Girl Designs.  (No sponsorship, affiliation, etc. in this post.  I am just sharing my story.) I bought the pattern right away and began making gifts.  It was perfect.  So easy to change the look and personalize. My mom requested another of these bags made with breast cancer awareness fabric.  No problem!  There are so many pretty ribbon fabrics out there.

I am keeping that black and grey one for myself.  I wish that I had noted the fabric ages ago when I cut all the selvages off.

I knew I only had pink ribbon flannel in my stash at home, so I had to grab some after work on Friday. However, I did make the mistake of thinking I could go into The Fabric Depot for just that one thing.  I should have known better.  They had just started their summer Outdoor sale.  I do love me a good sale, but I will cover all of that in another post.

The bags match my cutting board!  :)

Note to self: Practice blanket stitch corners.  :)

The bags turned out super cute and came together so quickly.  It is a great way to use up those smaller bits of leftover batting.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Color in the Mail

In the past I have been notoriously known for doing my quilting with neutrals.  Beige thread, tan thread, black, white, grey... Until now.

I recently had a birthday gift of a little gift card and was given specific instructions to spend it on something FUN for myself.  No groceries, no gas, nothing of that sort.

I knew right away it would be something for my sewing area.  I needed new blades, but that isn't too fun.  Just like it was fate, I received my deals email from Connecting Threads (not a sponsor or anything, just sharing my purchase and my opinions). I haven't done a whole lot of ordering online for my quilting goods.  I once borrowed some pretty light green thread from a friend at a retreat and I felt that it worked really nice for that project.  When I saw the great sale that they had, I knew it was meant to be.

Oh the rainbow to choose from...

I had a hard time deciding which colors I was most likely to use. One little spool of tea dyed thread got in there, but I think I did a pretty good job of stepping outside my box.

I had them all laid out on top of my butterfly that is waiting for its quilting and I noticed this:

How pretty is that?!
I was thinking I was going to do a real dense meander (or maybe learn how to do feathers) in grey on just the background and maybe something on the body in black, but now I am reconsidering.
What are your thoughts?
Here is the butterfly:

I would love to get opinions on how you would quilt this wall hanging. I am open to learning something new.

My son had a good laugh pointing out the names of the colors I chose.  Sangria, Merlot, Wine... Do you see a theme here? :)

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Projects

This weekend was so productive!
I love that feeling when a project is finally finished.
(Don't mind the horrible lighting in the photos, getting better lamps for those overcast days is on my to-do list too.)

I put the binding on a quilt that I have had in my WIP pile for about 2 years.  I wanted to finish it and give it to a friend at work that could use some warmth and love right now.

Then, because I finished that right away Saturday morning and I was on a roll, I decided to make a little gift for my sister.  Her name and her boyfriend's name both start with the letter "A" and they have a wall in their new apartment that they are going to cover in A's.

I haven't ever had a reason to make anything smaller than a blanket.  Bed quilts are so useful.  I have been eyeing my bare walls lately and decided it was time to be brave and dive right into making wall hangings. I started with that letter "A" and it was more satisfying than I anticipated. It was so cute and I finished it in 1 day!

I have always loved butterflies and something in my gut was telling me that what I needed to do was make a scrappy butterfly for my wall.  Do you ever get that feeling?  No matter how much you browse or look at patterns there is always that particular design in your mind and you won't settle for anything different. This butterfly was in my head!  I woke up Sunday morning and sketched it out.  Did a little preliminary math and started to pull fabrics.  It didn't have to be scrappy, but I do love my scraps. It turned out so great that I might just write up the pattern for it.

I was in a teal mood I guess.  :)

I don't have any patterns to sell yet, but it is on my to-do list and I have one in the testing phases right now.
I would love to hear stories on your first pattern for sale.  What kinds of tips do you have for someone that is just starting out?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A new WIP

My latest Work in Progress is this blog. Adding it to the tons of WIPs I have laying around my room.
SO many choices to make.  And so much content to create.  I could not find a single blog that hadn't been going on for years. Where do I start?
From the beginning I suppose...

When I started quilting I did not know anything.  Including the names of fabric designers and companies.  I did not know the difference between quality fabric and the not so good stuff.  Although that one didn't take too long to figure out.  But by that time I had a pretty good stash of fabric that caught my eye and quite a bit of the stuff that I bought just because it was on sale and I was excited. The majority of that fabric came from my local Joann Fabrics.  It was the only place in town.  I have since been to retreats and traveled just to go to a quilt store.  I have also moved to a city where the fabric stores are more than I could have ever imagined when I started.  My taste and skill level have grown over the years along with the quality of my supplies.  As it is with most hobbies I suppose. I can't imagine learning to drive a car in a Porche. That being said, unfortunately, I will not be able to give credit to fabric designers for many of the quilts I share.  I apologize for this and hopefully I will now start paying a little more attention.

A recently completed quilt for a family member.

This was one of those quilts that I pulled everything from my stash and it came together better than I had expected.  I ran out of one of the prints and it was still far smaller than I had anticipated (did I mention that I rarely use actual patterns). I placed the little blocks in different ways to try to discover what else I could add to make it larger.  When I put that deep purple sashing between the vertical rows it screamed "I'm done" at me.  This was perfect.  I was so pleased with how well it turned out.

I guess as I continue to write and share I will improve this blog, just as my quilting skills and tastes have grown.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Story

Welcome to A Dream and A Stitch!
I am Jen Rosin and I love quilting.

I am guessing many of you know exactly how I feel. So many of us have different beginnings when it comes to our love of quilting. Some of you may have had the quilting bug passed down to you from family members and have been making those happy stitches since you were children. Others have discovered the joys that come with a finished quilt later in life. We all have that one thing in common though that makes us seek out others of our quilting tribe.  We know that feeling of pride and joy when a quilt is completed and placed into the arms of someone that will treasure the warmth and love it brings them for the rest of their life.

I didn't start quilting until about 2011, even though my inspiration started many, many years before that.  My mom and grandmother were always very crafty.  Making Halloween costumes and crocheting afghans. I learned a few skills here and there from them, but mostly learned to appreciate the work and love that went into every handmade gift.
When I was 16, I received a quilt from my aunt. She made quilts for all of her nieces and nephews when they reached 16.  I loved that quilt and I use it to this day!
To tell the truth, I don't know what happened when I decided to make a quilt for the first time.  Maybe it was something on Pinterest, or maybe it was a dream, but one day I decided that I would dust off my sewing machine and learn how to quilt.
I watched videos and read tutorials.  I took a little trip to Joann Fabrics and walked away with fabric, a rotary cutter, a tiny mat, and a ruler.  My mom was the recipient of my first quilt and I decided I was going to jump in with both feet and make a queen size pinwheel quilt!

I can't believe that I started with something so big!  But, I learned lessons and had so much FUN!  I was hooked and it didn't turn out half bad either.  I am sure if I look at it now I would notice all of the points that don't match and the stitches that are all squirrely on my meandering quilt design, but who cares?  Who can say their first quilt was perfect?  Nobody.

To break it down, I love quilting and I need a quilting tribe, a like-minded community, to share my stories with.  I am hoping you all will join me on this journey.

I fit quilting in my life when I can.  It is not a full-time job for me, it is a hobby. And a very budget conscious hobby at that. I cannot promise that you will get the latest fabric designs or the most in-vogue patterns here, but I can promise that you will get honesty about all of my trials and struggles with my quilting habit and we'll have a bit of fun together.  Enjoy!