Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Best of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, we like to think back about everything that has happened this year.  Not all good by any means, but what year ever is?  In my little corner of the world, I have experienced a lot of good this year.  Especially when it comes to my quilting and blogging.  :)

Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs is having a Best of 2016 Linky Party for everyone to share their best/favorite blogs posts of the year.  What a great way to go back and see some of the amazing posts from some great bloggers!

Here are my Best Posts,Favorite Memories, and Firsts of the year:

1. "Knots" of Color
This one has to be my very favorite.  After years and years of thinking about it and starting and stopping, I finally finished my first pattern and listed it on Craftsy.  This was a very exciting moment for me.  I made it all the way through the process!  It was so much fun to be able to share this with everyone.  I had a huge grin on my face the entire time I was writing this post. 

You can purchase the pattern HERE.

Another Favorite post would have to be for the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers group.  This is more of a favorite experience really.  I had barely started my blog when I was invited to join the New Quilt Bloggers group.  This was exactly what I needed, right when I needed it.  It was an amazing experience.  I learned so much and more importantly, met so many fabulous people.  And they were all quilt bloggers!!  

This post is one of my favorites because it has such a wonderful memory attached.  My aunt (who is my great quilting inspiration) came to visit me.  I was so thrilled to have her come see me and we had the most fabulous weekend.  It was one of those mini vacations that I will never forget!

4. Shadow Block Mini Quilt-A-Long & Hop
This post was another first for me.  Janice from Color, Creating & Quilting and I worked together to gather a few quilters to make some mini Shadow Block quilts.  We finished off the quilt-a-long with a blog hop and Janice has a gallery of all of the beautiful minis that were made.  This post is one of my highest views and comments.  It was a great time and both Janice and I agree that we will be doing another one soon. 

5. Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop - Blooming Berry
This post was part of our New Quilt Bloggers group.  We were given the opportunity to design a block with some scrumptious Cloud 9 fabrics.  This was my first tutorial and it was so much fun to see the diversity of the blocks that all of the bloggers came up with.  

So, those are my favorite posts from 2016!  I hope you have fun reading them.  Also, make sure to hop over to the linky party over at Meadow Mist Designs to see what everyone else has shared.  You just might find some new inspiration.  

Friday, December 23, 2016

All that holiday sewing

I thought for sure I was going to be crazy busy trying to get things done this Christmas.  Nope.
I finished it all early!  I was shocked.  We had a couple of snow days off work last week and what else would you do on a snow day besides make your sewing space all cozy, throw on some Netflix and get to work?  It was wonderful.

I made a cute All Snowed In table runner from the Holiday Wishes book with a Juniper Berry Jolly Bar pack for our office gift exchange.  I added some basic coasters with some of the leftover fabrics.

It was received well.  Was kind of hard to be "secret" when everyone knows I am the quilter of the bunch.  They were hoping I had made something before gifts were even opened.  :)

For everyone else, I made little paper-pieced stockings.  And I do mean LITTLE!  They were probably about 5 inches high.  And of course, I failed to get a photo of those.  Ooops.  There were star ornaments too.  When searching the tutorials, I saw them called Scandinavian stars most frequently.  I was considering doing a tutorial of my own on these, because I had to reference many tutorials and videos before it made sense to me.  Once I figured it out though, they were so much fun to make.

And now that the holiday sewing is all done, I can start a fresh, new project.  I took a peek at my list for Quilting Jetgirl's #2017PlanningParty and then decided on something that wasn't even on the list.  Hahaha.  You can see my list HERE.  

I had purchased a pattern and all of the fabrics for it probably 2, maybe even 3 years ago at a retreat and then set it aside.  It is my first time doing a complete batik quilt and I am excited to see how it turns out.  Here is a sneak peek at one of the beautiful prints:

I hope everyone has a comforting and joyful holiday season!  Smiles and hugs to all of my quilting friends!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 Planning Party

2017 Already!?!  You have to be kidding me.  Ok, I just needed a minute to remember that time continues no matter how much you want to slow it down.

Many people use the flipping of the calendar to take a look at what they want to accomplish in the foreseeable future.  They reflect upon what has happened in the past months and I believe, most have a few things they want to change.  I am no exception to this,

Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl is having a 2017 Planning Party!  What a great time to focus some of my goals for the new year.

So, I sat down this morning and made a starter list off the top of my head.  I kept my list focused on quilting and blogging so it wouldn't get TOO out of control.  It sure looks like I am going to have a busy year.  I am sure there will be many more things added to this list as the year progresses.

I have separated the list between quilts that I plan on making or finishing and things that I want to practice or learn.

I think the learning and growing part of quilting is just as important as finishing quilts.  I don't have too much here right now, but I am hoping to add to this list as projects present themselves to me.

  • Practice my Free Motion quilting.  I started this in 2016, but haven't done too much just for practice.  I want to grow my skill in this area so that I am more confident at trying new things and enjoy the process more.
  • Learn curved piecing.  I am a bit embarrassed too say that I have yet to do any curved piecing.  It is something that I certainly want to try and add to my list of available design options.
  • Write and publish more patterns.  Not too long ago, I finally finished my first pattern.  "Knots" of Color and added it to my Craftsy shop.  I have so many more things in my sketch book that I want to get out there.
  • And something that I thought of just now, participating in more group events.  In 2016 I joined a few blog hops and a sew-along.  They were SO much fun.  I want to be confident enough in my quilting to join many more events like these.
I have quite a few quilts to get done on my list as well.  I have 4 quilts that I am being paid for that I want to get done right away.  And a test for a new pattern I am writing.  And a few UFO's that I need to finish just for the sake of making room for new quilts.  :)

There.  Goals listed for all the world to see.  Now I will be held accountable and hopefully be able to make a blog post soon that has a number of these things crossed off.

Check out the 2017 Planning Party over at Quilting Jetgirl.  There are going to be lots of link-ups for other bloggers that want to join in on the planning.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Giveaway Day!

Wow, I was almost too late to get into this party.  Just this morning I learned about the Giveaway Day over at Sew Mama Sew.  How did I miss this?  What an exciting event.  New blogs to read AND lots of excellent giveaway goodies!

I have noticed a lot of people using this time to introduce themselves to new readers and I have decided to follow that theme.

I have been quilting for a few years now and I am a self taught quilter.  I am still learning every day and loving each new experience that quilting brings to me. I am mother to a teenage son that is very supportive of my quilting habits and he gives me that second opinion when I am struggling with fabric choices.  I work full time in an office and my time at my machine is limited to the occasional night or weekend.  But I sure do enjoy that time.  Give me Netflix and a full spool of thread and I am one happy camper.  You can check out more of My Story here.

This has been such an exciting year for me.  I started this blog and have made so many wonderful friends.  This has been an experience like no other.  I participated in my first Blog Hop with the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers group.  I wrote my first tutorial for the Cloud 9 Blog Hop with that group.  I am in the middle of my first mystery quilt and have done a quilt-a-long for the first time as well.

I have recently started getting more involved with Instagram too.  @adreamandastitch

Another first for me this year was completing my very first quilt pattern.  And that is what I have decided to give away.  "Knots" of Color is a simple quilt that packs a big punch.  It comes in 5 sizes from Table Runner to Queen.  You can find the pattern HERE on Craftsy. If you decide to purchase the pattern and you are chosen as the winner, your money will be refunded or you can have a credit towards a future pattern from me.

The winner will receive a PDF copy of my pattern "Knots" of Color via email.  This is open to international entries (because, well, no postage with email :) )  A random entry will be chosen from the comments below.  Any comment counts, but if you need a prompt, let me know what your favorite quilting tool is.  Or one that you have been meaning to try.  Want a second entry?  Let me know (in a separate comment) how you follow me (Bloglovin, Instagram, etc)  The giveaway is open until 5pm PST on December 11, 2016.  Make sure you include your email in your post if you are a no-reply blogger so I have a way to contact you.  Good Luck!

Head over to Sew Mama Sew to visit all of the other great blogs and giveaways!

And the Winner is......

Kathe G!  Congratulations Kathe.  An email has been sent as notification.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Crown Royal Finish

For about a year now, I have been working off and on with a project for a friend.  I have finally finished it and was able to give it to her in time for her to give it as a Christmas gift.  I don't remember what brought it up, but we started discussing making quilts out of Crown Royal bags.  Turns out her man had been saving them for ages.  She brought them in and I got to work.  I didn't have a specific pattern to use, but more of a design idea.

It was a little difficult because I wasn't working with yardage and I had a limited amount of one of the fabrics (the Crown purple).  So, I made one block at a time.  From cutting to the completed block.  Cutting the largest pieces first and working my way down to the 2 inch squares.

I was so excited to finally finish it.  It turned out great and is the most squishy, cuddly quilt I have ever made.  It is so heavy and warm.  My friend was very happy with it and I was very happy to have it to her on time.

Don't mind the bad lighting and messy living room.  It is dark when I leave for the day and dark when I get home.  I didn't have much choice.

I have started pin basting on my dining room floor instead of spraying on my sewing table.  It works pretty well.

This quilt is also the first one for someone else that I have used my new labels on!  I LOVE them.
I ordered them from  You can find the labels I ordered HERE.  They were so great to work with and they send you workups of your custom labels before printing.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for custom labels.  I am sure I will never use that many labels, but the cost really isn't too bad at all.  It was definitely worth it.

I forgot to get a photo of my label on the Crown Royal quilt, but I did get a photo of my "test" label that went on my pattern test quilt.  Lesson:  Sew the label on BEFORE the binding.  They are slippery and the feed dogs don't grab them real well.  

Now I have three more projects that I have to finish in the next 2 weeks.  Wish me luck.  :)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rainbows and Scraps

Oh my word!  Has it really been that long since my last post?  Sometimes time just gets away from me.  I am going to blame the foggy brain I have had lately.  I am just having a heck of a time staying organized.

Let's see, what have I been up to?  Mostly I have been working on my Scrappy Picnic Plaid quilt for the Quilter's Planner Sewalong on Instagram.  #qp2016sewalong.  It has been a lot of fun sorting through my scraps and seeing it all come together.  I am just loving the rainbows of fabric.  I certainly see many more rainbow quilts in my future.

I have realized one thing though, I have quite a few fabrics in my stash and scrap bin that I am just about sick of.  I bought a billion yards of a few pieces when I first started quilting and I can't seem to use the last of the fabric.  I have probably ten fabrics that seem never-ending.  I swear they grow when I am not looking.  Of course they are in this quilt along with every other scrap quilt I have made.

Thinking about these fabrics that I no longer love has made me want to sort through all of my shelves and bins and re-organize.  Re-press and fold all of my fabric and sort it differently.  It is a mess right now.  I considered sharing a photo, but it is downright embarrassing.  I will take those not-ideal fabrics and either put them in one of the bins or put them on a shelf by themselves and use them for backs to get rid of them.

I have 2 very distinct fabric "tastes" from my past that are obvious when viewing my stash.  The first phase I went through when I started quilting was my bright/but pastel phase.  Those fabrics that are perfect for a 6-year old girl.  I have tons of them with flowers and hearts and swirls and all things girly.  In purples and pinks and minty greens.  They just don't really go with anything else.  And part of the problem is that I don't know too many young girls anymore.

The second phase I went through I like to call not-quite-neutral.  I have an entire shelf of fabrics that are light browns, tans, and greys that don't ever seem to go with anything else.  They all have a little pop of color or have just a slight tint of yellow or green that makes them stand out from basic off-white.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  Don't get me wrong, they are all beautiful fabrics on their own, but they just don't get along with others.

I am still plugging away at all of the little things I want to have done before the holidays.  I won't be travelling or having guests over Thanksgiving, so I am going to sew and cook all weekend long!  It is going to be fantastic.

I have shared most of these photos on Instagram, but they are so pretty I decided to share them again.  You can follow me on Instagram HERE.

Happy Quilting!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quilt Planner's 2016 Sew-along and More

Yes!  There is progress being made on the ginormous To-Do list.

But first, I am so excited to join in on a sew-along with the Quilter's Planner folks.
         1.  I have never participated in a full quilt sew-along before.
         2.  I have never joined in an Instagram group of any kind.

Yea for trying new things!
THAT would be why I am so excited.  Plus it is a beautiful quilt with an amazing group of people.
Stephanie at Late Night Quilter has a post explaining all about the sew-along HERE.  And Kitty at Night Quilter has one HERE as well.  And of course, @thequiltersplanner and #QP2016sewalong.

The quilt we will all be making is the Scrappy Picnic Plaid quilt by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced.
It is so lovely and I can't wait to dig through all my scraps this weekend to pick out my colors.  I am really tempted to do a dark version with black instead of white.  Partly because I barely have any white in my stash/scrap bin and party because I just love rainbow on black.  But, I am also worried about that because I haven't done anything like this before and maybe I should just stick with the pattern.  I guess we will see once I start pulling the colors out.  I am, however, determined to buy zero additional fabric for this.  :)

You can see all of my Instagram posts about the sew-along @adreamandastitch.
There are absolutely going to be some beautiful,scrappy, rainbow photos for all the fabric eye-candy lovers out there.  

In other news, progress has been made this week on the Crown Royal quilt.  It is just about ready to put together.  I only have to decide if it wants sashing between the blocks to increase the size.
It is only 20 12"blocks and is for a larger guy.  What do you guys think?  Is sashing a good option to increase the size?  And maybe a little bit of a border too?  I'll have to find a photo of the whole block, so you can get an idea what I am working with.  You can see a bit of it in the background of this photo.

Ick.  I need to clean and soak my mat.

I did some skill-building paper piecing too.

It was a bit messy.  A little above my skill level.  Such tiny pieces! But I know the finished project was a success, because I have had two more requests for duplicates.  The pattern was one I found on Craftsy.  Witchy Toes by Trillium Design.

Just look how tiny some of those pieces are!

I got some free motion quilting done on my beach blanket too.  It is coming along nicely I think.  Just a simple meander.  

I need to remember to balance my photos to get rid of that yellow.

I decided to pin baste this quilt and use my kitchen floor and masking tape.  It worked really well besides having sore knees after.  I usually just spray baste and use my tabletop and do a section at a time.  The pinning didn't take as long as I thought it would and I think I came up with better results.  

This post is getting exceptionally long and I should probably stop now and save more for another day.  :)
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

End of the Year Projects

It's that time of year when everyone is making their lists.
Lists of what projects to have done by the holidays or before the new year.
I am no different.  I have seen a lot of people making their final 2017 WIP lists.  Not going to lie, I was tempted to dump my UFO tote out and take photos of everything, it sounded fun, but then I changed my mind.  Mostly because I don't want to be distracted by any of those things until after Christmas.  I have an absolute to-do list.  I have made promises. I need to finish quilts for other people.  And this time, those are the most important items on my list.

I suppose I could list them here, but some are gifts and I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone.  Let's just say that I plan to have at least 3 finishes by Christmas(and a few little things) and then 2 more before April.  Only then will I be able to pull out those old projects and get working on them.
I also have another pattern in the works and have to squeeze time in to get that test quilt done.  It sounds like I am going to be one busy lady on the weekends.  DO NOT remind me how many of those I have until Christmas!

On another note, I did have a finish last week in addition to my new pattern "Knots" of Color.  I finished a rather pretty green and grey offset diamond for a cousin of mine.  He turned 16 recently and it was time he received our traditional family quilt.  I like the back of the quilt almost as much as the front even though it is just scraps and leftovers.  I did simple in-the-ditch quilting, tracing each diamond that created a nice effect on the back.

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If you haven't visited any of these link parties, I highly recommend it.  Link parties are my go-to place to find new quilt blogs.  Sometimes I miss posts in my feed and sometimes I am scouting to add more.  Either way, there is some great stuff out there, so check them out!

Monday, October 10, 2016

"Knots" of Color - New Pattern

I am so beyond thrilled to finally announce this.

My pattern is done!!  I could scream it from the rooftops.  I can't believe I actually went through with it and hit that publish button.  I just can't remove the smile from my face.

It has certainly been quite the adventure.  Going from that vision in my head to the sketch on paper. Then the math.... oh that math.  :)  Then testing the pattern and absorbing the feedback from other testers.  I think that now that the first one is complete, any after will be much smoother.  With this first pattern, I felt that I had to brace myself for every step.  Triple checking to make sure I was following the right path.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and now I can proceed to design to my heart's content.

Without further ado.....
"Knots" of Color

I almost forgot, you can find the pattern by clicking my Craftsy shop link on my side bar, or just going HERE.
I would love to see your version of "Knots" of Color.  You can email them to me or tag me on Instagram (@adreamandastitch).

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lemonade AND Christmas?

Lemonade AND Christmas?  An odd combo I know, but that is what I felt like working on all weekend and so I did.  :)
I also worked on my very first quilt pattern and it is SO close to being done, but I do have to finish the binding and then take some photos before I publish it (I'll have it for sale on Craftsy).  I am so excited, but very nervous at the same time.  I think my nerves are getting the better part of me and that is why I just can't seem to put the final touches on the quilt and the pattern.  Has this ever happened to you?

Because of my reluctance to finish that pattern, I worked on a couple of other projects this weekend.
I made two more blocks of my Midnight Lemonade quilt from the Holiday Wishes book.  I only have one more to go before I have completed all of the blocks in the pattern.  There is a good chance I will repeat a few blocks to increase the size of the quilt.

I think my points are improving with these blocks.

Speaking of the Holiday Wishes book...
I knew that I wanted to make a table runner for our office gift exchange this year and I saw the All Snowed In pattern in there and pulled out the Juniper Berry Jolly Bar pack that I had, and sure enough, if I made each block different, it would work.  So, I got to cutting and sewing and it is turning out great.  It's not done yet, because I started it pretty late on Sunday, but I am thinking that it (Along with my pattern quilt binding I swear!) will get done this week.

I think I will find some way to use the rest of the pack for placemats or a smaller matching runner for a side table.  I haven't decided yet.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blogger's Quilt Festival

All this week I have been seeing posts about The Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.  As a very new blogger, I had not come across this before.  It is a wonderful collection of finished quilts from all over the blogging world in one place.  What a great way to find inspiration and find a few new blogs to follow as well.  Thanks Amy!

As Paige from Quilted Blooms was convincing me to enter, (Thanks Paige!) I realized that I don't have an awful lot of finishes this year.  

I do have one though, and it is one that I thought turned out so lovely.  It was my Shadow Block Mini.  Janice from Color Creating and Quilting and I did a little mini hop a couple of weeks ago.  You can few the posts HERE and HERE.  I was more than pleased with the way my little quilt turned out.  

It is now hanging in a prime space in my sewing room so it can brighten my day every time I sit down to sew. Because, sometimes, you just have to keep those quilts for yourself.

Make sure to swing by the Festival and check out all of the beautiful quilts and amazing blogs.  And I know that most bloggers love getting the comments, so make sure to let them all know how their quilts have inspired you.    #IGQuiltfest

Monday, September 19, 2016

Making that List & Retreat survey

Do you ever have that urge to finish up all those mostly done projects that are scattered around your sewing room?  And then have no idea where to start, so you don't manage to get a thing done all week.  Welp, that is what happened to me last week.  I really, really want to cross some things off that every growing To-Do list.  But what to work on first?

The project that is closest to being done?
The project I am getting paid for?
The project that takes up the most room?
The one that has been laying around the longest?

Arrrgggg!  I am almost ready to write my projects on scraps of paper and draw them out of a hat.  Or maybe I should clean my sewing room?  Nah, that is just silly talk.

Plus there are new pattern ideas floating around in my head and hastily drawn on scraps of paper scattered throughout my house too.

Far too many choices if you ask me.

What I really need is a retreat week.  A whole week with nothing to worry about except sewing.
I have only been to 2 different retreats (one of them repeated for a couple of years).  I absolutely loved it and am so sad that I was not able to go this year.  I am on the lookout for a new retreat that is closer and more schedule friendly for me.

What are your favorite quilt retreats?  Do you plan your own or attend larger events?  What are some things you look for when scouting retreats?  Do you go alone?  Or always with friends?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Blooming Berry - Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop

It is that time you all have been patiently waiting for folks!  Time for the 2016 Cloud9 New Block Blog Hop!
As part of our 2016 New Quilt Bloggers group we were given the opportunity to design a block using a wonderful palette of Cloud9 Organic Cirrus Solids deemed "Berry Harvest" by our amazing hosts; Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl, Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs, and Stephanie at Late Night Quilter.

This is my very first tutorial and I am so excited and pleased with how the block turned out.  I have visited a few of the tutorials from Monday and although my block is fairly simple when I compare them, I like the chunky blocks of color and know that there are certainly people out there that like larger solid sections.  Although I will not be the one quilting this block, I think it loans itself to some fantastic quilting ideas.
All of our blocks will be sent in to make charity samplers.  I can't wait to see those! Stay tuned until the end of the post to get the (Huge) list of other Cloud9 New Block Tutorials!

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

"Blooming Berry" Quilt Block Tutorial

This block uses 5 different solid fabrics.  The fabrics used in this tutorial are the Cloud9 Cirrus Solids listed below:

Fabric A - Amazon
Fabric B - Sky
Fabric C - Shadow
Fabric D - Lilac
Fabric E - Iris

Cutting Instructions:
Recommendation: Because you are dealing with such small pieces here, I suggest starching (I use Best Press) the yardage before cutting to help deal with any fraying.  Also, avoid handling the small pieces as much as possible.
Fabric A:
                 Cut (3) 20"x2.5" strips
                              subcut into (20)  2.5" squares
                                       and (4) 1.25" squares
Fabric B:
                 Cut (4) 2.5" squares
Fabric C:
                 Cut (1) 20" x 2.5" strip
                               subcut into (8) 2.5" squares
                 Cut (1) 15" x 1.25" strip
                               subcut into (12) 1.25" squares
Fabric D:
                 Cut (1) 20" x 2.5" strip
                               subcut into (4) 2.5" squares
                                       and (8) 1.25" squares
Fabric E:
                Cut (4) 1.25" squares

* On the wrong side of the fabric, draw a diagonal line on all 1.25" squares.  Again, be gentle with the edges of the small squares.

*Right sides together, sew along drawn diagonal line for the following:
          Make 4 - (1) 1.25" Fabric A square to corner of (1) 2.25" Fabric B

            Make 12 - (1) 1.25" Fabric C square to corner of (1) 2.5" Fabric A square

          Make 8 - (1) 1.25" Fabric D square to corner of (1) 2.5" Fabric C square
          Make 4 - (1) 1.25" Fabric E square to corner of (1) 2.5" Fabric D square

*Press squares flat to set seams.  Then trim 1/4" from seam on small side of each square.

*Press all seams open.  Final square should measure 2.5" x 2.5"
                     Totals: (4) Amazon (A) & Sky (B)
                                 (12) Shadow (C) & Amazon (A)
                                 (8) Lilac (D) & Shadow (C)
                                 (4) Iris (E) & Lilac (D)

Block Assembly - Rows
*Sew each row together as shown.  Press seams open as you go.
Recommendation: Pin. Especially where triangles need to match points.

Block Assembly - Block
*At this point, you will connect your rows.  I suggest doing Rows 1 to 2, 3 to 4, and 5 to 6.  Then connecting those sets.  This allows you to match up your triangle points with a little less bulk.

Sorry for the weird angle.  It does end up square, I swear.

* Press when complete.  Block should measure 12.5" x 12.5"

This hop was great fun.  Thanks to Cloud9 for supplying the fabulous fabrics to work with and thanks again to our wonderful hosts.

I would love to see your version of "Blooming Berry"!  Tag me on Instagram (@adreamandastitch) or you can send me an email (adreamandastitch (at) gmail (dot)com).
Make sure you check out the other blocks in the hop (There are 70! Wow!)  

Host: Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs

You can find even more at:

Monday's Hop Host: Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

Wednesday's Hop Host: Stephanie @Late Night Quilter

Happy Quilting!